Trouble in Two Rivers

1st of Willow, year 1017

We arrived in Two Rivers around dusk last night, when those creepy faces that I saw materialized into actual creatures! It was really scary and terrifying. We made our way into the taverns, but they were seriously silenced as soon as we walked in, and everyone turned to stare at us. Talking to a couple of people around at the bar, I learned at they’ve been blaming Maanosa for some recent attacks on us. But that doesn’t make any sense! Maanosa is our peaceful, sister nation. Why would they attack us? We did nothing to provoke them.

I had just turned to Garrett to suggest that we leave when all of a sudden we realize that everyone in the tavern is a vampire! A bloodbath quickly ensues, and as soon as we’re finished, we walk outside to be confronted by six people, demanding to know why we killed everyone inside. The leader of the group introduces himself as King Kaius, and tells us that he wants us to meet him at Stronghold Ruins, the original capital of the land.

After the long day of terrible events, I was pretty pleased to be able to sit and relax with Garrett. We had an enjoyable evening together, even after all the craziness that happened. In the morning, I got up to make us breakfast when I could hear Loknar running around with Francis. I followed him for a minute and found an Elf man locked up in the dungeons. After making sure he wasn’t also a vampire, I let him out of the cage. He was pretty happy to be out of there, and after talking with him for a few minutes, Garrett decided to convince him to travel with us. he didn’t seem too happy about that, but I guess he’ll learn to deal with it or leave us.

We packed up our stuff and began to make our way to the ruins. It was in the middle of the night when our watchful alarms went off to alert of us of a threat entering the camp. When I climbed out of the tent though, all I saw was a nice old merchant man. He apparently had been traveling for quite some time and was just looking for a peaceful place to sleep. So, in exchange for some information, we allowed him to stay with us. He told us how they had made changes in security at the capital for the upcoming party the king was throwing… A massive celebration on the Festival of Life, which we all know is the day he’s planning on killing all of those people! He’s probably using the party as a reason to gather so many people together without making them suspicious… Those poor, poor people. We need to hurry and get to Falconshore as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, we do need to investigate this King Kaius at the Stronghold ruins first… Garrett and Ott both agree that the vampires will be more of a threat after Orcus is brought to this plane than while he is not. That’s really shooting for the worst though, I really hope that we don’t have to worry about Orcus being raised to this plane. It’s a pretty terrifying thought.

Trouble in Two Rivers

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