Whispers From Below

All the Rest....

After slowly working their way through the ruins of Strongcastle, the group met the vampire only to discover he was the founding king of Fallea, King Kaius. The had not been in charge of the vampires that had attacked Two Rivers and in fact had been imprisoned by Orcus when he tried to foil his plans. The group formed a tentative alliance with the King and he showed them a secret way into the capitol.

Thinking they had arrived with plenty of time, the group made their way to the palace only to see the current king drop hundreds of people into a burning pit. As they screamed and burned, the ground began to shake. Massive earthquakes and violent eruptions razed the land as Orcus rose from the burning pit. The group managed to stay on a piece of land as it broke off from the main continent, leaving them along to face the mighty Orcus as the residents of Fallea tried to flee the widespread destruction.

After an arduous battle, the group slayed Orcus. They were not in time, however, to save the entire continent of Fallea. Nearly all of the cities lie in ruins as most of the land began to sink to the sea. The group was left to decide to stay in the one remaining settlement around Stonelight Monestary, or journey to the continent of Maanosa.

Ardent Adventures – Rummaging in the Ruins



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