The continent of Fallea is normally a peaceful one. Separated from the other continents in the world, most of the people of Fallea see themselves as above the petty squabbles and wars that take place in other countries and continents. Ruled by the royal family Tybault for generations, the country has benefited from peace and prosperity. There only a few things that mar the peace of this land, such as the active volcano to the south, constantly spewing lava to the ground below, ever expanding the size of the continent slowly. No cities reside near the volcano and most stay clear of the dangerous area. Also, decades ago, an large earthquake destroyed the ancestral home of the Tybault family and the capitol and castle was moved. Since then, the earth has been as quiet and calm as its people. The only other danger lies beneath the Demon Crag mountains. Evil breeds beneath the breathtaking peaks of the mountains. Most avoid caves and even the cities that lie near to the mountains have a stronger presence of security. Now, however, people are vanishing from all over the continent. There are rumors of whole hamlets being over run by hordes of orcs. It is nearly unheard of for these normally cowardly creatures to leave their homes beneath the Demon Crags. When seven individuals, going about their normal lives, suddenly awake beneath the surface, trapped in cages and surrounded by vicious orcs, what path will they choose and what whispers of ancient evil will reach their ears?

Whispers From Below

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